Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services


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Anonymous at 11:58 on 20 Oct 2011

Very engaging speaker. Good overview of the topic, beginning with a review of what basic RESTful APIs actually look like, and going through an intro to Hypermedia. Successfully corrected slides on the fly, without eating time from the presentation.

Good Talk, very engaging, nice infusion of humour while still delivering very very informative content

For me this is the best talk of Zend Con

One of the best talks at zendcon 2011

Great talk, especially for people that thought they knew what REST meant. Great use of humor to move the talk along. Live editing of slides slowed it down and interrupted the flow though.

Great presentation, keep audience entertained at the same time keeping on track with the topic at hand. I would certainly rate as one of the best presentations of all the sessions I attended.

Speaker was great! One of my favorites of the conference.

Excellent talk by someone who knows how to entertain the audience. I thought I knew more or less what REST was, but this presentation proved me wrong. Apparently it's not that easy to be fully compliant. Loved the humor and interaction with the audience.

The best talk at zendcon.