Git for Subversion Users


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Was a great talk. Gave me exactly what I was looking for in order to get started looking into Git and comparing it to SVN. Thank you very much. Now that you have scratched the surface on the subject hopefully I can run and figure some more out on my own.

Hella useful, I've struggled to find explanations of how to use git that really cover what I need to know Stefan managed to do just that for me. Thank you for this talk now I can stop floundering around with Git

I was hoping to find more information focusing on migrating from svn to git from the developers perspective. Currently I am one week into a conversion project from a 6 year old subversion code base to github. Converting this project from one to the other is not nearly as complex as changing the mindset of the developers involved in the differences of workflow, concepts of remotes, pull requests and the like. I was hoping to see more of a this focus than command mapping one tool to the other.

Good discussion on Git from the Subversion perspective. Perhaps a little bit about how Git and Subversion differ in how they view content would be useful, since that explains some of the behavioral differences between the two. Also, you listed a lot of the Git commands but in some cases it might be nice to see some specific examples along with Git messages.