Large-Scale Data Processing with Hadoop and PHP


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Who said that Germans have no sense of humour!

Awesome intro to using Hadoop, and learned a lot despite the technical difficulties during the live demo.

Anonymous at 10:47 on 19 Oct 2011

Non-working, demo, but everything else was great. A lot of excellent information, and new to me.

Sorry, -1 for failed demo :)

Overall a great intro to Hadoop. Learned a ton and gave me enough info to go back and dig into it a little more.

Thank you all for being so patient during the hiccups in the demo.

The problem was that Hadoop bound itself to the wireless network interface on startup (it has a few bugs in that regard, especially when binding to and the active firewall prevented the local task tracker instances from correctly connecting back to the job tracker to finish the reduction process.

I had to disable the wireless interface (or stop the firewall) and restart all Hadoop processes to get it working again, but that of course cost a few minutes of valuable demo time so I was not able to show off how easy it is to add a second computer to my one-machine "cluster" to pretty much double performance.

Apologies again for not immediately identifying the active Wi-Fi, definitely took me too long to catch the problem. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the talk regardless :)

Slides are now up, too.

very interesting. going to give hadoop a shot

I love to hear David speak. The content provided was excellent and was brought in a great way.

Minus was the demo that didn't work straight away, but we got the idea.

Despite the tech issues, I'm still a fan of this talk. I think I've seen it twice already, so I knew what to expect.

My advice: invest a bit less time in mentioning why other major companies use it and use the time to give more basic information about installation, configuration and features. I'd appreciate a "slower" start that allows me to get up to speed.

Conclusion: less why, more how.