Mobile: Push for Sync and Notifications


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Anonymous at 11:17 on 20 Oct 2011

Good stuff! I've not done any native-app development so this was new to me, but I feel like it gave me a very good intro into how Push is done on these four platforms. Liked the use of code samples, but again I don't write native apps so this was a bit unneeded for me.

very usefull session

Anonymous at 11:59 on 20 Oct 2011

Great job - clear concise explanations of how it works, supported by code and references. And totally agree on the increasing irrelevance of Blackberry as a dev platform.

For those of you that were not looking specifically at the native landscape; I've researched some additional information:

Appcelerator supports iPhone Push Notifications: - see registerForPushNotifications

Phonegap does not seem to support any push notifications but they do have a notification class. However; you can accomplish push notifications through Urban Airship in PhoneGap: Notifications on IOS

Hopefully that helps!

Anonymous at 02:39 on 16 Dec 2011

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