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I feel that the corporate Oracle stuff took a lot of time away from the interesting stuff. There also wasn't a lot of technical 'meat' to the talk. I think that might have been due to Oracle not talking much about un-released products, but even to discuss many of the new features in MySQL 5.5 would have been much appreciated (I'm trapped in Debian pre-packaged-binaries 5.1 world and haven't been able to play with 5.5 yet).

The memcached and NoSQL integrations coming to MySQL 5.6 sounds awesome, I will definitely be researching those. Perhaps for the next discussion go into more detail about those?

Complete ditto to renowndmedia. Too much info lockdown from Oracle - instructor obviously knew more than he was able to sharr. Wanted to see more 5.5 features. Please, please, please release Debian pkg - frustrating to hear that we should update ASAP and not be able to do so efficiently.

Anonymous at 10:13 on 24 Oct 2011

Of all the talks, this was definitely the one that I got the least out of. It was more of a plug for Oracle than useful MySQL information.

MySQL Enterprise advertisement and presentation. Would have liked to see what is new for everyone and not why it would be good to have the Enterprise edition.