Overview of Zend Framework 2


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Great presentation, I liked the code examples. I think it would have been beneficial to have some diagrams showing the flow of code between the framework, e.g. how the client request comes in, dispatching to controllers, when models are executed, when the view runs, etc.

I hadn't looked at ZF2 for quite some time now, and this was just what I needed: A good overview of the recent development and the current status of ZF2. It's looking good :)

Excellent talk and overview of ZF2. I am really looking forward to getting a chance to dig into the new functionality and capabilities and figuring out how tough or easy the migration path will be.

Great overview of the much anticipated next big itteration of ZF. Well brought, and very informative

Lots of info to digest in just one hour, I look forward to a little bit more maturity and examples on how to move from ZF1 to ZF2

Matthew did a good job of delivering what is new in ZF2 and more so what went wrong in ZF1.

Very excited to start using ZF2. Great intro.

Good overview of Zend Framework 2. Looking forward to playing around with it.