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Good introduction to a more advanced topic. Nice to see how to set things up and get started with the XMPP stuff.

Tuff conditions: first time you speak at a conference, not a native speaker and the biggest room of all. I'd see you did pretty well.

There's no doubt that you know a lot about the material, but you need some more experience speaking. Although it was clear that you were seriously nervous, you did a much better job than last time when you practiced it at our user group meeting.

I'm forced to give it a 3-star rating, part of it is the fault of the organisation, who should have put you in one of the smaller rooms. I'm sure you'll be a successful speaker in the future, but you need more speaking opportunities and a bit more practice in terms of delivery.

But despite the nerves, you did a pretty good job. A lot of people with limited speaking experience wouldn't be able to cope.