Profiling PHP Applications


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Great overview of profiling concepts and tools to get the job done. The demos and explanations were incredibly helpful. The only criticism I can offer is having your laptop named whisky made me thirsty.

It was a good general overview of the tools available. It felt like a review of tools more than a talk of how to profile; a list of products out there and what they looked like. It would have been great to have gone through a simple project and profiled it, using some of the tools explained. Through that process, brief jaunts showing some of the other or similar tools, would have been great. So all in all, helpful to see what tools are out there, but could have also seen some procedure.


Anonymous at 17:14 on 19 Oct 2011

I wish this wasn't so much like the xdebug session. Still a good session to review xdebug though.

My only complaint is I didn't shake your hand.

Thanks Derick, your work is appreciated and needed.

Seemed to be more of an xdebug session (which I also attended). However, the presentation was much clearer and had easier examples to follow.