SOA with Zend Framework


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Good overview of SOA, answered a bunch of questions. More code samples beyond the trivial would be very helpful, but that is what email + twitter is for!

Nice! Very informative.

Anonymous at 11:41 on 19 Oct 2011

nicely done, I wish it was a longer session though. Lots to talk about around this topic.

Thanks for all of the feedback. I will likely work on building out a sample application to go through this next time I do this... such that I might be able to utilize the phpcloud for easier sharing and potentially a follow along :).

Samples are basic but more or less to get the overall point; I will look at how to make the samples even more fun!

I agree it is a large topic and there is much more to talk about; SOA in general even has a specifications. Additionally there are multitudes of books on the subject where you could easily spend an hour talking about "contacts"; to contrast - talking about the pieces of building a service-oriented model layer really covers much of the items. SOA can become overtly complex with proxies; ESB's and more.