Under the Hood


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Anonymous at 17:34 on 18 Oct 2011

Can you please post the slides?

Awesome presentation! Regarding xhprof, I liked the different alternatives you showed us for using it, e.g. ini file auto prepend/appends, class constructor/destructors, file writes VS APC, etc. Code examples were clear and easy to follow.

Finally someone who is giving more than just the default tools for profiling. All output examples were nice as well.

You talk fast, but clearly. Very interesting and informative talk with great examples. People that missed this talk are doing Zendon wrong.

Great talk. I am now convinced I need to look at xhprof.

Anonymous at 19:09 on 18 Oct 2011


Great presentation! I loved the coverage of all of the different options.

Thanks Ilia, super informative and interesting.

Very nice session, thanks for the insights

A freight train of information. I could probably listen for hours without getting bored. Nice examples and some clever techniques.

Very good talk, a lot of useful information

Anonymous at 11:32 on 24 Oct 2011

Awesome session, tons of great usable information and a VERY passionate speaker. Way to go!