Unit Testing Zend Framework Apps


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Informative talk; covered testing of models, services, and controllers.

Nice job. Very practical stuff. Looking for the slides and github link.

Looking forward to the slides so I can catch what I missed.

Nice introduction to Unit Testing for ZF applications. Straight to the point, good job!

Great talk on the subject.

Interacting with the audience, perfect knowledge of the material,...

Very practical, the way I like it.

Tnx Mike!

Good, practical, concise intro to unit testing a ZF application. Excellent that you began with countering the "I've got deadlines, why should I do this?" argument. Also, very glad you discussed testing webservices.

Great stuff Mike - please getting to meet you as well.

I look forward to hearing more in the future.

Excellent, concrete examples. Couldn't have asked for a better presentation.