Using SPL Tools in Your Code.


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Good presentation, I liked how you went out to real world projects and showed real usage of the different SPL components.

You mentioned that you migt stop giving this talk. Please don't. There are still a lot of people who need to hear the SPL goodness message.

Great presentation. I loved the use of real word code that wasn't yours to show implementation of the SPL components you were presenting. Wish there would have been some more time to actually dig a little deeper into the specifics of some of the implementation but overall a great presentation.

Not my first SPL talk, but it seems like I learn something new every time. Great job.

Great idea to use real-world code from GitHub. Engaging speaker. Thanks for covering the PHP 5.3 additions to SPL. Suggestion: if possible, given time constraints, give a bit more "dwell time" on the code examples. We should look at them on our own time, yes, but it may help people get a better handle on a concept/usage while in the room. Excellent answers to questions raised by attendees.

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Hi Liz!

Great talk, really. I have to partly agree with Scott.

Your talk was packed for a reason - Yes, most of them had heard of SPL, but did they know how to properly implement it? They were there because a lot are still confused/new/hungry.

Your presentation style is great.


Great topic and great presentation!