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Anonymous at 12:09 on 18 Oct 2011

Good talk! Love getting a presentation from the author of such a useful tool. Kudos and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous at 12:10 on 18 Oct 2011

Very good coverage of the topic, and use cases.

I was looking forward to getting more than I could from reading documentation. Was wishing for more.

Anonymous at 14:41 on 18 Oct 2011

Overall great talk. Enjoyed the actual examples but would have loved to see some more detailed use cases.

Great job, good contact with the crowd and of course great coverage on the intro to xdebug.


Thanks for sharing your work and knowledge. Your efforts are making PHP better across the world. Great entry level session to get people started using xdebug.

Absolutely superb. Definitely need to be using Xdebug...can't believe i've been coding without it. Excellent examples shown. Loved seeing integration with IDEs.

Thanks for making our lives easier. Now I have to implement it on my work test environment. :P

Great tool but was hoping for a step by step intro to the tool. Very nice examples.