Easily Integrate Zend Framework 2 and Other Libraries Using Composer


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Anonymous at 08:48 on 25 Oct 2012

Awesome! Thanks for great info

Nice overview of composer and the problems that it solves, especially for newbies like me!

Anonymous at 08:50 on 25 Oct 2012

Good presentation and informative.

Very well-presented Composer talk. Clear explanations, cut up into small easy to grasp parts. Well done Ryan!

Anonymous at 08:57 on 25 Oct 2012

Lots of cool info in the presentation. Only things worth changing are some slides being unreadable or being shown for very little time.

Precise, informative and humorous talk, learnt a lot about Composer...now to convince my boss to allow use of command prompt to run it

Anonymous at 09:08 on 25 Oct 2012

Excellent presentation. A few of the slides went a bit quick when I was trying to copy them down.

Anonymous at 09:42 on 25 Oct 2012

Good job Ryan. I would have liked to hear more about Composer gotchas

Excellent. Content was very clear and Ryan's presentation style is clear and very entertaining. Kumbaya! ;-)