Introducing PHP 5.4


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Anonymous at 10:54 on 23 Oct 2012

Anonymous at 10:54 on 23 Oct 2012

Thank you, thank you for the quick comprehensive update of changes to 5.4. Very informative.

Good talk on what's new in PHP 5.4

Thank you!! Excellent overview of the updates to 5.4

Excellent presentation. I concur with the other presenters. Definitely looking forward to your slides as a reference.

Very good talk! Thank you.

Great overview of PHP 5.4. Easy to consume without having to mull over the changelog!!

Anonymous at 15:04 on 23 Oct 2012

Great presentation... even if for the small number of persons using globals (crazy, i know, but it happens to have bunch of old code relying on that) passing to PHP 5.4 will be a real bloodbath ! Not the exact concept of evolution...

In any case great job ! Well done !

Speak any faster and you can start a rapping career ;-)

Great talk. Definitely pushing for an upgrade when I get back to work.

Good overview of 5.4 features.

Very good Ilia, I will definitely try to get our team to upgrade.

Thanks for great presentation!