JavaScripting for the PHP Developer in 2012


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I was worried this would be too basic for the first few minutes; but then Jeff really went advanced on us which was quite nice. Just enough visibility into some cool tools for us to go out and research on our own -- which is really the point and value in these talks. Best talk so far, very informative.

Hook this man up to some oxygen! I was afraid he was about to pass out from all the information he gave out within a short amount of time. Kidding aside... this was a great talk. I might not throw AS much information out there next time, but it was informative. I took from the talk some very useful information. I can't wait to dive into the slides and really learn.

Although a little over my head, I consider my self a noob to javascript, I enjoyed Jeffs talk. A lot of really good information. I especially like the snippets on the "not so good parts" of javascript.

This was a really great talk by Jeff, he gave a lot of information in a very short space of time with some excellent examples which helped to solidify the more complex concepts he was exposing us to.

You summed it up nicely Dave, tons of really great info in such a short amount of time to cover it all, very nicely done Jeff.