Profiling PHP Applications


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Derick was awesome, as always! He is clearly an expert in his field. Love that he always runs live demos and they always work. List of superb resources for additional learning and useful software. Excellently helpful slideshow and talk - always learn something new. I highly recommend attending his talks, even if you've heard some of this stuff before, as a yearly reminder of how to do thorough and efficient PHP testing and optimization.

Anonymous at 12:11 on 23 Oct 2012

Derick you did a really nice job of presenting these tools. You make me want to profile my applications immediately after the session.

Very interesting presentation! Thanks!

Awesome job! Thanks Derick for the wonderful insights into profiling. I enjoyed how he shared many different profiling softwares instead of just promoting his own!

Anonymous at 12:15 on 23 Oct 2012

Excellent work. I would have liked to see some usage of Zend specific tools, but maybe they're not there yet.

Presentation tip, you really only get to use the bottom half of projector screen. People a few rows back can only see the back of the next person's head instead of your content.

Excellent talk. Great inclusion of profiling tools for the web. Might be nice to see a bit more on the profiling tools available within the browsers, such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Great talk, Derick. Very informative talk that touched on the technology I was looking to learn more about. Running demos is also a great way to go. Thank you!

Good talk. Need to dig into more with xDebug.

Great talk. I always enjoy Derick's sessions, and always learn something new. Great Xdebug tips straight from the source.

Excellent presentation, very much enjoyed it.

Very nice overview of the tools and formats.