Responsive Development


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Was a very basic overview.

More design-based than development-based. Listed some good resources, but would have preferred more specific ways to develop responsive applications. Speaker seemed less knowledgeable about development concerns, though certainly understood the concept/needs of responsive applications. He was very willing to interact and answer questions, and brainstorming possible development tactics with participants.

I enjoyed this presentation. The discussion did not lean toward the overly technical, but contained good suggestions from the design overview perspective. Others have mentioned that they would like to have seen specific examples for development, which I agree would have been a nice addition. Mr. Bruce was receptive to questions at the end of the session. Not being a designer myself, I felt that the session was a reaffirmation of principles that designers I have worked with tended to employ.

Anonymous at 13:27 on 24 Oct 2012

Thanks for the comments folks. It's obvious now that more in-depth technical examples should've been included and I apologize if you felt your time wasted at the conference and thank you for attending. I appreciate the constructive criticism and again invite you to step up to the mic, yourselves (especially you, ANONYMOUS ;).