Building Flexible Infrastructure on EC2


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Shawn is obviously very knowledgeable and has a lot of good information to share. He didn't use the mic and it was a a little hard to hear him from the back, but a good talk anyway.

Anonymous at 09:18 on 9 Oct 2013

Interesting list of software to use with EC2

Good insight about the software and services stack used for massive websites. Interesting to briefly understand the tools, options available without the need to dig into on my own. Speaker is real tech pro in the topic.

Agree with the first comment - without the mic it was quite hard to hear the talk.

So just to let you guys know, the sound guys hooked up the mic and I had turned it on. I took the feedback about the microphone back to the sound guys and they adjusted it for the next session. I wish you would have said something to me, I intentionally talked at a normal tone that way I didn't distort the non working speakers.

Lots of great information -- thanks for going over so much more than just EC2, but rather the whole infrastructure that could be utilized within EC2.

Great content and presentation. I appreciated the real-world use cases shared and how multiple solutions were presented for various topics (e.g., load balancing). It seemed you were a little nervous during the beginning of the presentation, but more comfortable towards the end. I also thought it would have helped if you sounded a little more excited. Very good overall though.