Building Models in ZF2: A Crash Course


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Anonymous at 16:15 on 9 Oct 2013

What was the name of the blue book you mentioned at the beginning of the talk?

Anonymous at 18:36 on 9 Oct 2013

Can you provide the slides?

Best talk of the conference! You really helped to connect the dots for me. We are right in the midst of trying to implement DDD and we did not even know it was called DDD! LOL. Thanks!

Specifically, thanks for bringing things back to real world implementations. Too many sessions simply talked about the history of the technology and a few cool things you can do with it. There was a lot of valuable meat in your talk!

Again, Thanks!!

To me this was one of the best talks in the conference in the sense that if you apply what was covered, your programing skills will definitely go up a few notches. I found it very interesting because I've been trying to implement DDD lately and this talk confirmed that I was doing it the right way (or at least in *one* of the right ways). Thanks Ralph!

My favorite talk of Zendcon 2013. Excellent, clear, concrete examples that really pointed out the differences between how the different design patterns can be implemented. Nice that it seemed like a jumping-off point and not a "you should always do things this way" talk.

I had a conversation with Ralph earlier in the day about this very thing, because I was wondering how far I should go along this path. Thanks! This talk really helped me to understand better the whole concept of models, and how and when I should move farther along the line towards domain driven design and how to use Zend/Db to get there.

The talk directly addressed the ambiguity around the Model and how it interacts in a triad with the V and C. I was reminded of the theoretical importance for models while also seeing the continuum of abstraction. Nice job, educational and addressed a core topic, business logic management and object orchestration.

Excellent talk Ralph. Great to see slides, then implementation code. Speaking of implementation code, is that available?