Contributing to Core: My Journey to Add array_column() to the PHP Core


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Loved this talk. I had always wondered how I would go about this and he went into great detail on the PHP code process. I now feel like I can contribute to core.

The talk was really useful. Live communication process is never documented, so it is hard to figure out such a thing yourself. This is how the talk was very different from other talks on the conference - technical descriptions for the tools are always can be found online, but the one discussed - not. So this discussion was much more valuable (for me, at least). And I liked the experience and useful hints from a person, who really came through the process.

One more great thing - the talk was inspiring. That's what I expect from the conferences in the first turn. So you come out with a feeling, that you can do it and it is interesting.

And, Ben, as follow-up to our talk - ArrayAccess object is not working as first parameter for your array_column(). It would be great if it is. And foresee the related question - I'm not ready to contribute it :)

Excellent. I've been wanting to contribute to the core language, and this talk makes it very accessible.