Do You Speak Design Patterns in PHP?


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Very ambitious tutorial. I enjoyed it a lot. The only improvement I'd suggest would be to consider pulling some of the lesser used or easily implemented patterns. Problems with the editor aside, you guys really flew through a lot of information. It would have been nice to cover fewer of the more heavily used patterns (Abstract Factory, Mapper, Decorator, and a couple of others) in more detail rather than skimming the surface of a lot of patterns.

Overall, though, it was great.

Great tutorial. This is the second time I see Enrico and Ralph present and they constantly deliver high quality material. I would have personally liked to cover more material and removed the interactive stuff (giving people in the audience time to code). I think the excercise.php and solution.php modality is great for you to learn at home and at your own pace but not to attempt to code in the tutorial (I only had time to complete only one code example even for the patterns that I already knew). I think the best case scenario would be to have them show and explain the patterns and also give you the exercise/solution files to take home and practice but not do them in situ. A HUGE plus would have been If they had shown actual zf2/doctrine/(etc) code with these design patterns in action. They did reference these projects verbally so that's ok. I would definitely recommend this talk to my colleges.

This tutorial might have been a bit too ambitious for the time frame. For me it seemed like the patterns were rushed a bit to and I didn't quite get the point of all of them due to this. The exercises didn't personally help my understanding of the subject better than a good explanation but I really apreciate you guys trying to get the audience involved. I'm just the kind of guy who prefers to code in private in order to learn.

The presenters seemed knowledgable and competent, and I'm sure I'll be looking into design patterns when i get back home because of this talk.

Great to learn about some new design patterns that we can use. Very knowledgeable. However, it takes time to grasp all the different concepts. Mulling over uses for all of them or comparing against each other would require a more in-depth understanding. Felt that it was too much to be covered in the given time to have a good acquaintance of each pattern. I could not quite understand what we were trying to solve in each exercise, perhaps would have been better if each pattern was shown with solid example w.r.t. problems developers have in day to day coding. But overall, good knowledge gained, rest we can further research and enhance our skills.

Not bad, some technical problems. Patterns are fun, some more engaging examples and use case discussions would have been helpful as well

Anonymous at 11:12 on 8 Oct 2013

Great talk - tons of info! I wanted a little more time with the exercises though. As others said, maybe focusing on fewer design patterns on a more in-depth level would be better. I also recommend decreasing the amount of words used in the slides -- short bullet points are better than paragraphs. Overall very interesting talk though.

Some great stuff in this tutorial, but things seem ill-prepared and there was too much material for the time allotted. Glad I went!

Anonymous at 19:19 on 9 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 19:41 on 14 Oct 2013

This was a great tutorial. I don't think they could have put any more content into this thing (borderline exhausting). What really made this great was that they had so much example content. The examples were small and manageable. It was helpful to be able to go back to the examples afterwards and give them a try since it was just so much material.