The following session will be an introduction to PostgreSQL and how to work with it from PHP. The session will identify the key advantages of Postgres as a database system, it's specific functionality's that can simplify work-loads for developers and DBAs alike. This portion of the presentation will be done through practical code examples and demonstrate how to work with Postgres from PHP using both PDO and Pgsql extension. There will be also something for people looking to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL identifying some key differences between these two database system.


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Moved fast, on topic, and subject was really interesting. Also, props for not bashing on MySQL in comparisons.

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Anonymous at 12:08 on 9 Oct 2013

Nice intro :)
If i may do a comment, ...
please use/advertise pgBadger instead of pgfouine ... even if you present at a php con :p

Agreed, pgBadger is very nice tool, but trying to inject some PHP into the talk ;-)