MariaDB 10.0: What's New


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Anonymous at 08:17 on 10 Oct 2013

Good update and insight from a person from inside the development team. Audience seemed to be not so specialized in the topic to evaluate it properly (same as me, I'm definitely not a pro in this area), just a couple of people could clearly see the benefits and consequences of newer MariaDB.

Would recommend to the speaker, however, to work on the future speeches - clarity of words needs to be improved, and the tone should not be flat all the time (more stresses, more emotions) - so it is easier to listen and comprehend. This was the only con for the talk.

I like when experienced tech people come to the conference - much better to listen to speeches "devs-to-devs" about real accomplishments with engineering facts, rather than to marketing stuff "how we all live long and happily with our great tool".

So I liked the talk from Sergey. Thanks!

Interesting material. Sergei was a little hard to understand at times, mostly due to volume and how fast he talked rather than his accent. Would have liked a little more focus on how-to than feature listing.

Yeah great talk informing about the features of MariaDB and how it compares to MySQL.

Like the previous comment; you are a super intelligent person with good command of the English language.

If this helps try recording yourself with a mic and playing it back until you find a speed and level of speech that is still fast but not too fast to easily understand.

Thank you for providing so much good information in such a short time.