Nginx: The Need for Speed


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Dynamic speaker. I look forward to using Nginx.

Anonymous at 15:44 on 8 Oct 2013

Good set of configuration tips for nginx

Nailed your goal - I got interested!
The TOP GUN theme is nice as well , the tips are very good - please upload the presentation so we don't forget them :)

Been using nginx for a while because of a traffic spike that introduced me to apache's resource hunger... this talk gave me some action items to improve my nginx config. Great talk. Great speaker.

Really informative beginner's tutorial on nginx, great if you aren't familiar with it and are thinking about rolling it out, or are curious about some useful tuning tips.

Well presented. Great information for somebody who has never setup an nginx server before. Highlighting the potential pitfalls was very informative.

Great talk. The best part was when he talked about the "gotchas" and what not to do.

Very informative.

Excellent presentation! Would have loved to see the "advanced" version of this!

I'm using still Nginx in production wherever I can. But Evan pointed out some facts I didn't know before.

Made me laugh out loud and gave some excellent information.

Excellent Talk, very educational look at nginx and what not to do and how to do some cool things for dev environments!

Next time see if you can do 2 sessions, one beginner and one advanced because it would be great to see some of your more advanced uses of nginx.

You have some great ideas and you are very good at presenting them.

Really enjoyed the Top Gun references. Wish the presenter was doing a second, more advanced, talk.

Great talk. I especially appreciate your points on common pitfalls and solutions.

Great talk. We currently use nginx, but nowe we can use it better!

Talk bullet points:

* What the hell is nginx? Oh, it's a web server.
* Here's how to configure it
* Here's more configuration
* Here's more configuration
* And you can see how Evan's stuff _just works_

What I learned:
* Oh, my host is probably using this since my .htaccess doesn't work