PHPUnit: Recipes for Success


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The dynamic duo strikes again in an almost stand-up comedy-geek-tech-talk! Good stuff!

Not only funny, but you are also very knowledgeable. Thank you for your contribution to our minds.

Great learning with fun. I am learning about PHPUnit and plan to use it in our company for better coding. This tutorial gave a good head start.

Very enjoyable talk. Fun to listen to and learned a lot about PHPUnit.

Good nuggets of knowledge at this talk.

Very funny session, but also very directed at beginners. I learnt a couple of things about mocking and stubbing, but wish there was more direct examples of unit testing.

Very informative and fun session. Congrats, guys!

Great session, very funny and informative. I've used PHPUnit a bit in the past, and I'm at the very beginning stages of introducing unit tests to a legacy app with almost zero tests. Very helpful strategies for devs in my situation.

Very entertaining and shared a lot of good insight on how to deal with some testing problems.

found it entertaining but not as informative as I had hoped.

Sebastian and Stefan were informative and entertaining. They covered issues that can crop up with unit testing that I had never considered. I particularly liked Stefan's example of "how 'bout we just delete this code and see if your unit tests still pass?"

The banter of the two presenters made for an informative and entertaining tutorial. Would definitely attend their next one.

great presenters and very knowledgeable.

Informative, but I'd like less stand-up comedy, more real-life examples.

This was great, gave me answer for long standing question. I wish it was more advanced though.

Anonymous at 19:47 on 14 Oct 2013

They definitely kept my interest. They have some great background info on PHPUnit but I would have like to see more (or possibly slightly more advanced/complex) problem->solution type of code presented. Overall: comical guys with good content. I wish I had some specific questions in mind to bring up while these two were in the same room.