Refactoring 101


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Great info. I especially appreciated the combination of theory with code samples refactored step by step.

Never thought of refactoring as such a great learning tool. Really want to implement some of these concepts.

Adam is an excellent presenter. The talk got straight into the meat of the subject with little fluff or filler. Great subject matter with very concise examples. I will definitely be putting most all of his suggestions/tips into practice in my own code. Bravo

Very tight, well packed presentation, involving both the theory and appropriate practical example of refactoring.

The lector is a very good speaker.

Great talk Adam. You would think some of these concepts are just common knowledge within the developer community but they are not. Only thing I would stress after is that a developer should update documentation/comments. I can't count how many times I've seen developers do regression testing without updating their docs. Then when I go in I am clueless because its bad/wrong docs.

Was a good session however he re-used slides for the first half from his Clean Code tutorial. Other than that the last half where he showed sample code was nice. I felt overall good presentation.

Anonymous at 11:22 on 9 Oct 2013

Great talk, and great overview of refactoring principles. Adam makes me want to go back to work and refactor all our code!

Anonymous at 12:21 on 9 Oct 2013

Great talk but I was a little bit disappointed that the first 30 minutes was a repeat of content from the "Clean Application Design" tutorial on Monday. It's good info though, so I understand why he included it. The detailed run-through of a refactoring example was very valuable. Overall I'm glad I attended.

Great session. Lots of useful info. I will use Adam's tips in my work.

One of my favorites today. Great info on how to approach factoring with the advice needed to avoid problems.

Very nice session, thanks for the well structured presentation.

Good overview of refactoring, though a lot of the same content was covered in the 3 hour tutorial on Monday. The code examples were nice in terms of visualizing the process. Speaker does a good job - engaging and friendly.

Adam gave a great presentation explaining the benefits of refactoring.

Great session! I have already used a number of tips I have learned from it at work. I am now noticing the problematic areas I would have overlooked otherwise. Thank you!