What I Learned about "Mobile-First" by Not Going "Mobile First"


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Let me preface this with I understand this was Clark's first ever conference talk.

The subject was very timely for me. I am in the early stages of planning out a new mobile first paradigm for my company. Unfortunately, mostly because of this being a first go, the talk ended up being more of a discussion of refactoring and proper application design than it was a talk about mobile development. For the purposes of this talk, it probably would have been better to focus on the higher level design decisions that went into the application that caused it to be hard to make it mobile. For the purposes of this talk, a look at the live code was probably not necessary. At the very, very end the discussion turned to how would be the best way to separate concerns for a mobile app. That should have been what the entire talk was about.

Again, I understand this was a first time speaker. The subject of the talk is solid and could be excellent. Just try to focus in on, and stay on, the intended subject instead of taking up time talking about other things that don't directly pertain to the mobile aspect of the project.

Not what I was expecting. Not a bad talk though. Could have gone into more detail about moving from an existing application to mobile

This subject is a hot topic for many organizations, especially those with applications that pre-date the mobile era. It would have been a great opportunity to give a well structured presentation and help others prepare for the inevitable transition to mobile. Unfortunately, the presentation never really got off the ground and lacked wisdom, best practices, or tips.

Tips for making the talk better in the future:
* Identify what knowledge you want to convey and focus on that.
* Have a clear outline for the presentation.
* Understand that the audience is excited to hear what you have to say on the specific topic, so focus on the good stuff.

Understood that this was the presenter's first talk so kudos to you, keep doing it!

Good presentation. It validated some of the struggles I've been having and confirmed that it's OK to refactor. Would have been nice to see what the code looked like before and after the refactor.

This was the presenter's first time given a talk at a conference. Overall the session was good. A bit slow at times and often going off course. I would have liked to have heard more about the issues he had while going mobile. He listed that he still had may things todo, why are these things not done yet? Probably time, but were there other issues?