Zend Framework 2 for Newbies


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Great presenter!

great presentation, Michael is a natural

Anonymous at 14:44 on 8 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 14:44 on 8 Oct 2013

Learned a lot in the ZF2 for Newbies presentation.

Great presentation , fluent , lite and gives you motivation to start using zf2...

presentation content was good. presentatation style was good. presentation pace was a little too fast jumping to the next slide always 2 seconds too early before able to fully grok what was on the current slide. I liked the horse.

Nice attempt to try to make the presentation funny. Sometimes developers don't want to laugh and stuff, but good job. Great overview of getting oriented with ZF2.

Great session. Provided great insight on the ease of using ZF2

Great presentation. Quick overview in broad strokes to get you interested in ZF2. Homer got my laugh.

Good presentation, liked the humor. Seemed a bit rucshed at times, but that's probably due to time constraints

Good insight and funny. For us who haven't worked with zf yet, this was time well spent. I feel compelled to go try it out on my next project. Might even have to skip a night of GTA V to learn more. ;-)

Great walk through of highlights for using ZF2!

Very useful intro especially since I have never user zf2. He definitely gave enough info to get a basic asp of the ground.

Anonymous at 11:40 on 11 Oct 2013

Thanks for the great presentation. You covered a lot of "missing pieces" that are so fundamental, that most presenters totally miss. You got us off to a good start!