Zend PHP Certification Boot Camp (Part 1)


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Anonymous at 16:02 on 7 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 16:47 on 7 Oct 2013

Great session

Anonymous at 11:17 on 8 Oct 2013

Good overview of important aspects and gotchas, but would have liked to see the material covered in more depth/detail considering the 6 hours available.

This was great. I expected it to be a slog given how much material there was to cover, but it kept moving, stayed interesting, and dialog with attendee's happened when necessary.

The history part could be dropped, since the focus of the new test dropped the need to know legacy php version information.

A lot of material to cover it was a great review (sometimes first look) at the items needed to be covered to get my 5.3 certification. I don't think I would of passed without this class.

Great session. I liked going over the new features in 5.5, I feel like it really helped me pass the exam

This was a good review to have just before the exam. Although most of the examples were questions that would never be on the test they still brought up some common mistakes I may have made without the review.

interesting and to the point. Christian keeps an appropriate pace, is entertaining

Christian did an excellent job of teaching one how to think about the test questions. He covered all the topic areas, with sample questions. He explained how each question worked, and emphasized edge cases. I know I knew the answer to several questions, thanks to Christian.

Excellent tutorial. Picked up valuable info and tips.

Was very informative and definitely helped a little during the exam.