An Instagram API in (X) Minutes


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Apigility is great. I'm not sure people understood how much work would have to go into an API where you upload a file without something like apigility.

No better way to get people excited about using Apigility than live-coding a file uploading, OAuth2-backed API in less than 30 minutes.

Anonymous at 10:39 on 30 Oct 2014

Great talk, kept my attention despite it being a pretty technical subject first thing in the morning!

Matthew is a brave man doing live coding so early on the last day of a conference, and he nailed it! Loved seeing the hands-on demo. Made it very clear exactly how easy it is to get started and build something successfully. I liked that Matthew asked questions of the audience to keep people engaged and thinking about what is actually being coded.

Brilliant as usual. Apigility is something to be proud of. I saw the value way before I even came to ZendCon and we're already using it in production. Great presentation which solidified our decision to use Apigility.

Excellent introduction to just how easy it is to build basic APIs with Apigility. I've used Apigility in a few projects and it's quickly become my go-to tool on the's one of those tools that once you've integrated it into your workflow you can't remember how you ever got by without it. Even though I've been using it, I still picked up a few things I didn't know - like how simple it makes file uploads and integrating ACLs. Overall, the talk was well structured, didn't try to cram in too much information, and live-building the API on stage was a nice touch. Well done!