Building Your First App with Silex and MongoDB


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This was a great introduction to MongoDB and Silex. I have renewed inspiration to play around with MongoDB, especially as it relates to GEO data.

The setup process took quite a while for some which was distracting, might be worth providing something like vagrant a VM or docker containers in the future.

Overall, great tutorial - sad it's over.

I've commandeered the "slides" link in the talk description to point to the workshop project's GitHub repository, which now has Readme file pointing to all of the presentation decks and other resources we covered during today's session. I also added some notes and code improvements for the default configuration files -- my apologies for not catching that before this morning!

The explanations on how things work from the speaker were great. I was a little disappointed that we weren't able to do any real coding at all due to the environment setup process taking so long.

Reason 1 for this was the capped wifi. However, in the future this could be solved with an email to those who are registered with instructions like "Download and install vagrant and virtualbox...check out this vagrant manifest from github and have the vagrant box created prior to arriving to the session...etc". I think something like that would have helped a lot in terms of allowing us to actually code out the demo app.