Getting started with Apigility


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Anonymous at 16:22 on 27 Oct 2014

Great job as alway! I am tremendously impressed with how far Apigility has come.

The examples need some work.
The examples were a bit difficult to follow at times, several people without ZF experience seemed to get hung up on the Service Manager - having that type hinted may have helped. In addition there were quite a few code issues with the examples - for instance the missing Rhumsaa/uuid package.

Overall a great introduction to Apigility.

We spent way too much time getting everybody's environment up and running. Maybe next time we could set up a virtualized development server for everybody, or at least distribute the materials ahead of time so that everybody can get their own setup ready to go.

Anonymous at 22:39 on 27 Oct 2014

I would have prefered to see more content (see the speakers go through more use cases) and learn Agility more in depth than have to see way less content but code it myself. Especially the OAuth2 stuff which I would have benefitted most from but was breezed through because of non-working code and lack of time. I've been to many talks by these two guys on other occasions and every single time they have been flawless but this time it seemed that they needed more time to polish the talk up before giving it.

Fantastic tool. Way easier to use that I at first thought. Matthew and Enrico are excellent presenters: extremely clear.

I'm not sure if the simplicity of the examples was good or bad. Is it because Apigility is just that easy to use, or did we not explore some other features of the platform? The readmes for the examples could have been clearer, and there were some bugs with the examples (I think mostly example 2).

Overall the talk reaffirmed what I learned last year- I should be using Apigility in my development process.

Apigility looks great, but I got the feeling, that not very much preparation had gone into planning the session (Besides the obvious creating of the code files passed around)

Enjoyed the session. Definitely plan on using this for my APIs from now on because this tool has all of the dreary but necessary background stuff required for a successful API.

Very good talk. I can see the benefits of Apigility. It looks like it will really speed up and simplify API creation.

I do wish that the materials would have been distributed in advance, so we would have had more time in the session to dig a little deeper, but overall, I was very pleased

I have to echo some of the previous comments. I wish the environment setup instructions could have been sent in advance. Sending out an email to registrants with instructions to setup something like vagrant and checking out a prebuilt vagrant manifest code have gone a long way into making sure everyone was ready to go ahead of time. Obviously there is no fool proof solution to this (there is always going to be someone who isn't prepared) but I think this would have helped.

That being said, I did really enjoy this presentation. I have some good experience with ZF2 already, so I found the code examples to be clear. There were some bugs in a couple of the exercises, which was a bit of a bummer. All in all, I think I got enough out of this to feel confident in setting Apigility up on my own and playing with it some more.