I've Been Hacked, Now What?


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Anonymous at 10:30 on 29 Oct 2014

Slides were all text which makes it hard to sustain attention. You didn't fill the full time slot allotted so plenty of time to slow down and go into more detail or live examples.

Would be nice if in addition to your slides, to have a server setup that has been "hacked" so that you can go through it looking for the clues of what was hacked along with live usage of commands/tools to go through the techniques you described in your talk.

Useful information. Could have gone deeper into other types of hacks or explained more about how to prevent them.

Provided insight into things that maybe we're not paying enough attention to

Would liked to have seen a real sample of a hack and all the steps you take to clean it, then fix the "hole". Informative otherwise.

Excellent overview of tools and techniques to approach cleaning up after an intruder has attacked your server. I've been using *nix a long time but I still picked up a few new command-line techniques from this presentation. Even though this talk was specifically aimed at dealing with the aftermath, I still would have liked to see more information and tools to help operators be proactive in preventing hacks in the first place.