Maturing Continuous Delivery towards MAXOS


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I enjoyed the information given in this talk. The speaker gave quite a bit of information regarding different strategies to help move toward Continuous Delivery. The strategies listed were not MAXOS-specific, which was helpful to those who are wanting to move towards Continuous Deployment in general. I especially found the ideas behind the concept of Shift Left Performance Testing intriguing.

The second part of the talk gave quite a bit of information explaining why MAXOS would be a better way for scaling application development, complete with how resource planning and roles are transitioned. It was helpful for me to see this if I would want to promote this inside of my organization.

Really enjoyed this talk. Some interesting ideas presented and loved the shift left philosophy and how and why to test Api responses.

Luis was engaging and knew his subject matter. Maybe some more information in how this diverges or can complement scrum / existing agile teams would not hurt. Overall, great talk.

Anonymous at 16:24 on 29 Oct 2014

Helpful talk.

Going into this talk I had no idea what MAXOS was, but I left with a clear understanding of the overarching concepts and some details of specific tools used to build the various pipelines. Overall it was an excellent, well-paced talk jammed full of information but at the same time didn't leave me feeling overloaded. Kudos!