Mobilizing your development workflow


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Doing live demoes is the hardest thing to do when doing a presentation. IF you're doing it... practice, practice, practice and try to rule out any risk you could run into.
The fact that things went wrong made that you could not get your message across unfortunately in my opinion. That's really a pity, because it's absolutely an interesting subject and you have the skills to get the message across!

Great example of how powerful the Zend stack can be to create mobile applications. But as others have noted, the technical issues with the demo distracted the audience from the content.

I believe that having a smooth presentation is a choice. You must choose to have it completed well in advance so you can prepare the environment well in advance. Julien came in late, started late, had technical issues, and ended late, most likely due to last minute tweaks to the demo app and the content. I feel like this is a universal theme throughout all of Zendcon, and my only real criticism of the conference as a whole.

But kudos to Julien for the work he put into it and the Zend team for creating a fantastic mobile solution.

Thanks guys!