MySQL Performance Metrics that Matter


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Philip Sharp at 09:08 on 29 Oct 2014

Could use more examples of how the settings affect performance to help the otherwise dry information to sink in.

While I understand that using InnoDB is now the way to go, unfortunately all my current databases are ISAM. and this talk did not touch upon that aspect at all. Would have been nice to learn about other things outside of the InnoDB realm.

Good ideas for checking metrics at mysql and O/S level. Good tips for updating innoDB settings for optimal caching strategies

Overall a good talk. I am a huge fan of developers understanding how MySQL works under the hood so enjoyed the technical aspects. That said, I did get a little confused around the buffer cache workings so maybe worth in the future dumbing down each element before diving into how queries flow through and how each part ties together.

Overall though good talk and found Morgan engaging and knowledgeable.

Great talk. Definitely wanting to push devops at home to upgrade ASAP. Giving me great arguments for leverage.