Taking Advantage of PhpStorm IDE and Zend Server Integration


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It's nice to see that these profiling and debugging features won't be exclusive to Zend Studio.

I agree with Ken Fox. It's nice to see that Zend is not making these tools a Zend Studio exclusive.

I feel bad for both speakers on this one since the audience kinda turned the discussion into a PHPStorm vs. ZendStudio discussion... and the majority of the arguing had nothing to do with the actual session topic. I also feel bad for Mikhail because there was also a lengthy discussion between a couple individuals and Mr. Solomin about Zend server pricing, Zend Studio pricing, and other things that very looseley had anything to do with the actual subject of the presentation.

That being said, I think these two issues could have been cleared up if the speakers had spoken up and reigned in the crowd.. so to speak.

I think the information was presented well, at least until the session turned into the IDE battle. As a current PHPStorm user, I was hoping to come away with more tips and tricks for getting more out of PHPStorm when combined with Zend Server / Z-Ray.