ZF2 Modules: Events, Services, and of course, modularity


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John had clear and concrete code examples to demonstrate zf2 architecture, as well as the technical knowledge to go past his slides in answering audience questions. A minor gripe is some of the demo code duplicated core ZF2 classes with his own implementations, but didn't use the associated interfaces.

I felt this was a good introduction to how to use Services and Events for ZF2 modules. John was very engaging as a speaker; I felt he was knowledgeable on the topic being presented and was able to answer questions from the audience without issue. The only thing I would improve would be the example code. The code itself was built months ago, which meant any fixes to ZF2 after v2.2.1 were not included. Also, while the code did show services and events, it may have been better to also display examples that are more standard (i.e. authentication, caching, logging).

Very helpful, especially where events are concerned. I never fully understood them and how to use them. Now I feel I can safely start to code using this functionality.

Really liked John as a speaker. Really engaging, full of good content.

I would have liked to see some actual working examples of the principles being discussed. Saw a lot of code, but no execution. I feel like it would have been helpful to show some stuff working, maybe use xdebug to step through and show how events are triggered and responded to. Just a nitpicky thought.

All in all I thought it was a great presentation.