Asynchronous PHP


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Thanks, Chris. Very interesting talk. Would appreciate if you would slow down. Would also have been good to start with a real use case for WHY you want to use async with PHP.

You could have slowed the pace a tad, and used your extra time for Q&A instead of ending 25 min early. Great material though.

Anonymous at 15:22 on 21 Oct 2015

Per your request. I would nix the live coding, i find it quite distracting and prefer to see the finished code - it also reduces the changes for errors. Also, i would talk a little slower and practice to check the timing. The talk ran 30 minutes short.

Some feedback I received from people around me was:
They were completely lost as they had never done any async before, so perhaps spend some time on the basics of how the async problem is solved: ie> select polling, io etc.

I really enjoyed learning about libraries that I never heard of. I also really enjoyed your accent and story time.

Anonymous at 15:39 on 21 Oct 2015

Quite interesting, but also agree with the others - a slower pace would have been helpful

Anonymous at 15:57 on 21 Oct 2015

Slow it a bit down to make it better

You's are so right - I ended way early. I did start 15 minutes early, but I really need to learn to slow down more!

Waiting on the slides!

Anonymous at 07:55 on 22 Oct 2015

Funny guy. Bringing async to PHP 'cuz it's cool and because we can isn't a compelling argument though. Is async even useful in non-react apps? Why would you want to toggle between tasks if not to push out requests quicker? Can async and concurrent be used together? For example, can I have a coroutine that yields to a concurrent task?

Anonymous at 10:01 on 22 Oct 2015

Thanks for your patience! I have updated this page with a link to the slides:

Wow, this was by far the best talk at Zendcon for me. The subject itself is very relevant and there are many ways to do concurrency and async processing. The talk featured a nice overview.

I also liked the bits and pieces of advice you added to the features you summed up.

Based on this presentation, I definitely feel more comfortable using/advocating some of the technologies you covered.

Also loved the delivery and the style. Yes it was fast, but I like it that way.