Beyond PHP : It's not (just) About the Code!


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Anonymous at 15:38 on 20 Oct 2015

Great session. A lot of insight to performance issues/gains outside of PHP.

Anonymous at 15:38 on 20 Oct 2015

Great talk. Took a while to realize where I've seen some of those slides before; then I realized I looked you up online and watched the same talk you gave at a previous conference online before coming to zencon... Yet it's still great to hear and see again. :)

Geri I Jennings at 15:39 on 20 Oct 2015

Excellent talk with illustrative examples.

Anonymous at 16:22 on 20 Oct 2015

Is it possible to obtain the slides?

I feel happy because Wim uses plain and easy listneing English, and I feel this contents is very useful advice.

Great session with many practical examples. Thank you.

Anonymous at 08:52 on 23 Oct 2015

One of my favorite sessions at ZendCon. While I understood the basic topic, it was really useful to see practical examples.

Not the most exciting material, but Wim's presentation style made it an entertaining and engaging session. The real-life examples really helped underscore why knowing a little about the services your code consumes can go a long way to preventing problems down the line. I picked up a few good nuggets of information, like MySQL covering indexes and how the non-atomic-ness of file_(get|put)_contents can ruin your day. Well done!