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Anonymous at 15:01 on 20 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 15:01 on 20 Oct 2015

Good overview!

This just seemed like an Amazon presentation - like the one I saw at an Amazon sales presentation. Not super useful TBH.

Anonymous at 17:34 on 20 Oct 2015

I was expecting something more "inspiring" than a low level introduction into AWS.

Anonymous at 20:54 on 20 Oct 2015

This was a fairly decent overview of AWS's core services, but it felt more like a marketing/sales talk than a tech talk. I also expected there to be more information about some of the newer services and features of AWS (like ones just announced at AWS re:Invent). I think it would have been nicer to highlight more use cases relevant to the PHP audience.

Very good presentation style but should ave been labeled intro to AWS

The talk was Amazon related which is fair given that Jeff is an Amazon Evangelist but mostly he used images / language of AWS to describe larger components of working in the cloud. The talk echoed where we are heading and want to go, cattle vs pet servers. Was worth attending.

Anonymous at 13:40 on 21 Oct 2015

Too much of a sales pitch... was very Amazon specific.

Anonymous at 10:09 on 22 Oct 2015

Near sales pitch, very disappointing.

Great talk. very interesting

Anonymous at 02:42 on 24 Oct 2015

Should not be in a zendcon