Components, PSR-7, and Middleware: Zend Framework 3


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Really neat to see the progression of ZF as someone from outside the ZF world. Really encouraging to see the emphasis put on components so you can pick and choose what you're using.

I'm excited for the future of ZF. Excellent talk covering some of the history of Zend Framework, how things were changed, fixed and improved and the future ideas and philosophy of frameworks (of not having frameworks as such). After ~17 years of coding PHP, I'm excited by what's coming to the language and the ecosystem.

Happy to see that all of the ZF folks think alike on the future of this ecosystem: a wider and more open ecosystem!

Thanks for stating clearly our aims, Matthew!

Again, brilliant. Very very enjoyable talk, and particularly interesting to those of us with a vested interested in ZF2. Delivered perfectly.

I love the direction ZF3/Expressive is going. I need to get in gear and start helping out more :)

I feel very impressed from Your session. I believe our worries are resolved in Ver 3!

I like the ideas behind ZF3 and how they have been presented. Great talk!