Drinking from the Firehose - Real-time Metrics


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This was an excellent and eye-opening presentation. Well done.

This talk was much better than the description would have indicated. In fact I don't believe Varnish was mentioned once in the whole talk...

Instead Samantha talked about really cool in production processes and the iterations of how she got there with massive amounts of data. It was really good to see the v1/v2/v3, etc attempts at arriving at the current destination.

She clearly defined the problem that was trying to be solved at the start. Excellent talk.

Amazing talk about what kinds of data to look at and how to get what you need. Amazing session, made my whole trip worth it.

Very amazing talk, despite the copy/paste error on the schedule and in joind.in with your other talk's description.

I think you covered a lot of really good points in the talk and gave quite a bit of information about the evolution of a solution to a very relevant problem. Personally we are always working on metrics in our systems and apps and it was helpful to see how you evolved your own idea into a working solution at large scale.