ElasticSearch in Action


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Very good talk. Ready to implement it.

Nice, quick, from-the-firehose type intro talk. Definitely worth my time. Was curious about whether order in which terms appear in comma delimited multi index query affected precedence and/or relevance of output.

Enjoyed this talk. Really nice overview of the features of Elasticsearch. I think the comparison with SQL was great as it definitely gives a frame of reference when people aren't familiar with a search tool like Elasticsearch. I also appreciate that you went into details about the administration side and how you actually set up your systems. Really useful component of your talk.

Personally I think the section on the ELK Stack might be a little out of place in the talk. There wasn't enough time even in this 1 hour slot to really cover it well so it might be best to leave it for a separate talk and use the time to cover another more complicated query example. Just my opinion though.

Good talk lots of Info great use cases and ideas on how to get started with elastic search.