From Idea to Prototype in 50 Minutes with Laravel


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Very good presentation. Well thought out, concise and well presented. This is the fist time I've seen Matt speak, I know it won't be the last.

Anonymous at 15:42 on 21 Oct 2015

Great talk and demo

Anonymous at 15:59 on 21 Oct 2015

This was a fantastic talk. Matt asked me if I would pay close attention and come up with some criticism. I honestly don't have anything worth mentioning. The talk is a solid introduction and in-depth dive into the idea of moving fast and how to leverage existing tools to do that. He managed to make a great case for using minimum viable products to get something out the door and he even mentioned how he uses feedback to validate if the idea is worth investing more time and effort into.

I was particularly impressed with his reasoning behind how Laravel and its ecosystem are his choice for rapid application development and his case is strong.

If you're reading this as you're trying to decide if you should accept this talk, push accept. It's excellent.