Is your code SOLID?


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This talk was pretty basic. I was hoping for a more advanced discussion of SOLID. The talk was pretty standard. Julien, I would suggest you practice the talk in front of some people to see how they receive it. You might get some feedback that will help you understand what others are hearing as you are talking.

Anonymous at 15:50 on 20 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 15:56 on 20 Oct 2015

I'm a pretty old programmer, but I really enjoyed the talk. May want to change the square/rectangle example as people were focusing on the wrong thing, but it did get them to think at least :)

If we had more time, more in-depth examples would be sweet.

This talk was so good! I have always focused on the S in SOLID, and really needed to learn more about the rest of it. O: OCP - was one I never could understand even though I had read some blogs, but Julien explained it in a way I could finally understand it, and distill down into a tweet even.

Examples were great. Talk felt a little repetitive in a few places.

Excellent presentation as evidence by standing room only crowd attending. Great examples and great principles explained in detail.

Excellent talk. It reinforced that some of what I'm doing it on the right path and helped point out areas I need to work on so that my code is more SOLID. Great job Julien!

Anonymous at 11:02 on 21 Oct 2015

Chose a really terrible example for LSP. Is a Square a Rectangle? Should it have getWidth and getHeight? What should the area be? Should we re-implement getArea or not? What's to point of defining it as width*width when you've made them equal? Why store both values in the instance when they're supposed to be the same; aren't you opening up an opportunity for error? What's the point of calling the parent method if that's all you do? It wasn't even proper PHP. He used a dot (concat operator) instead of arrow for accessing methods.

The duck vs mechanical duck bit wasn't well explained either. *Why* shouldn't I call my mechanical duck a duck? It looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, but you're telling me it's not a duck -- why not?

Concepts were good however it was a pretty basic almost comp sci like OO talk didn't have good PHP examples.

Anonymous at 12:36 on 22 Oct 2015

Unprepared; copied and pasted poor examples from online sources without a proper audit.

Anonymous at 08:48 on 23 Oct 2015

I really liked this talk, can you post a link to your slides?

Anonymous at 13:38 on 23 Oct 2015

I realized during the presentation that the presenter was having a hard time communicating his thoughts to an english audience. The points made were all valid but the presentation of them into english was done poorly. Perhaps some better preparation prior to the discussion would have helped.

Good content though once you could decipher the underlying ideas.

Anonymous at 07:24 on 26 Oct 2015