Modern and Secure PHP


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Anonymous at 08:54 on 22 Oct 2015

Very good talk. Maybe covered too many topics... but very useful information. I like talks that cover everything and gives you the opportunity to look up further information later.

Anonymous at 09:01 on 22 Oct 2015

Very good presentation. Outlined well with a clear path all throughout.

Good talk, hit many topics and informative.

Good talk, some topics will be usefull

Lots of good info, but not sure the beginner label was quite right, might be content overload for beginners during the password hashing section. Timing was good so expanding or slowing down the password section may mean cutting other content, but it may also depend on the audience. Content was delivered well and enjoyed the meme slides to break up the sections of the talk.

Very informative session with useful information.

Well done! A lot of good information here with tips and hints mixed in.