No More Overtime; or, How To Train Your Manager


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Right on point. Very informative.

I'm generally not a fan of "soft" talks, however I enjoyed this talk immensely. This talk basically felt as if you were talking about my experiences.

If there is one talk any developer at ZendCon should have attended, it would have been this one. Absolutely amazing.

Anonymous at 15:37 on 20 Oct 2015

Very lightweight talk but extremely informative about a perspective that may be there but we as developers fail to see.
Very satisfied with it, the speaker manages to keep the crowd attention and his insights based on experience makes it great.
Good Job Paul!

Fantastic. I'd rate this in my top 10 talks I've seen at tech conferences ever.

Anonymous at 15:51 on 20 Oct 2015

Stephan Hochdörfer at 17:06 on 20 Oct 2015

Nailed it.

This was a great talk that hit home in so many ways. I have some personal development to do, methinks. Paul's great presentation style and passion came through, just as I expected. Fantastic.

Very good talk. Excellent insight. I am ready.

I've seen this talk several times now. Each time I see it I learn something new. This talk should be presented as the commencement speech at EVERY college of computing, EVERY YEAR. It's that good.

Paul is a phenomenal speaker, one of if not the best speakers in the PHP community.

I appreciated the insights that were provided. As one of those pesky decision makers it was nice to see that we haven't been treating our staff unfairly. This will be a great topic for some of our internal educations sessions.

Really good delivery; very animated, persuasive and passionate.

Wonderful talk. Made me think.

This was my favourite talk of the conference.

Been programming over 15 years - I learnt some of what was talked about the hard way - so watch this talk - it will pay you back.

Feel the power! Nice job Paul. Thanks.