Outsourcing to Your Compiler


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Anonymous at 09:16 on 22 Oct 2015

Talk was OK.

Title was a bit misleading. I thought it would be about metaprogramming. Instead it was pretty much "you should typehint things (and here's why)". Pretty beginner stuff.

The jokes were appreciated (even if we didn't laugh) but the raised voice get-this-into-your-head stuff didn't jive with me first thing in the morning. The fake-surprised stuff when you "noticed" the scalar type hinting -- I guess it's cute if we hadn't seen it before, but almost insulting to someone who has.

I liked the distinction between the various meanings of "type system".

The point about sum_square always being positive is interesting, but I don't think you mentioned any static analysis tool that could take advantage of that. There's no way for us to document that the return value is non-negative.

This was a good talk, very engaging and informative and useful, but I was not expecting the meat of it to be strict types and scalar typehints. I was expecting either new ways to use PHP 7 to find more errors in your code (possibly writing code or building new tools). Part of it is on me, expecting more CS heavy, academic sort of talk especially after seeing other talks like Functional Programming in PHP.

All this being said, I really did enjoy the talk, it was very well done and well delivered (but the volume changes from speaking excitedly to booming/yelling were rough this early). I think you may have gotten a larger audience with a clearer description or title as well. Lots of people are interested in the new PHP 7 features and would likely have attended.

The other comments here are spot on. The content was good, but some of the presentational elements were unnecessary and distracting. I also felt mislead by the title/description, expecting to find more than best practices. Overall, the presentation does have lots of potential to be delivered again in the future, but the description maybe should be changed to reflect the content.